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The Art of War

Posted by Д Д 了 ΐ ℱ ❦ Sunday, June 5, 2011

The release of Starcraft II in 2010 was a landmark in the world of gaming. Upon its release, Starcraft II was critically acclaimed to be one of the best RTS games ever. But today we talk about Starcraft II and its growth in the Indian competitive scenario.
Despite being the highest prize pooled game on the international LAN scale for a while now, it is surprising that events in India till date have not shown support for SC2. After some in-depth analysis, we have realised that this was purely because of the lack of publicity that has been plaguing the country's eSport scenario for years.
The "Starcraft 2 India" group on Facebook is being an active participant in establishing a stable base for it's playing community.
Last month, they organised their first1v1 tournament called 'Art of War League' with 16 combatants from all over the country. At the end of the day it was the Chennaite Balasubramanyam Ganapathi who beat his fellow city player Nickunj Bansal to pick up the victory in an amazing display of protoss talent.
If you are a Starcraft II player, then we advice you to go and join the rest of the community on Facebook by just searching them out. Right from casual play with other enthusiasts to hardcore gaming, they have it all stored up for you. It is now time to support your cause.


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