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The Electronics Entertainment Expo

Posted by Д Д 了 ΐ ℱ ❦ Sunday, June 5, 2011

The E3 is here again
The Electronics Entertainment Expo is here again, in just a few days. The entire gaming community, from seasoned reporters to pre-teen players is waiting with bated breath to see what will be unveiled this year by developers and companies. In the light of this, let's take a minute to see the history of E3.
The first E3 was in 1995, and was explosive. The two leading companies of the time, Sega and Nintendo, launched new platforms, the Sega Saturn and the Nintendo Virtual Boy. Sony also entered the race and showcased the legendary Playstation during this time. Games were shown for all these systems along with existing system.
The following E3 helped cement it's success, with the unveiling of the N64 as well as some of the most iconic games ever, including Starcraft, Tomb Raider, Tekkan 2, Resident Evil, and a preview of what would become the best rpg of it's generation, Final Fantasy VII.
Following this E3 became bigger and bigger with companies and developers trying to outdo one another in their exhibitions, attracting more attention until 2006 saw 60,000 attendees. Seeing this organizers decided to make the event exclusive, for invited professionals only. Another event was created for the public at large, but it failed to achieve any level of success at all. The "new" was widely criticised both by the attendees and those excluded, until finally, in 2009 the original format was restored.
Since then E3 has been an escalating arms race between gaming companies. After the recent console race we saw the motion race between Project Natal and the Playstation Move last year. This year rumours abound about "Project Cafe" the new Nintendo console as well as the successor to the 360.
E3 is back again, and as always promises the best.


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