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Portal 2 The Story Continues

Posted by Д Д 了 ΐ ℱ ❦ Thursday, June 30, 2011

Portal 2, the sequel to the much loved portal from value, was a game I was eagerly looking forward to and let me tell you, it is worth every penny. It picks up sometime after the events of portal, and fills in a lot of the gaps left in the first game. The story and the character development during the game is very good and value really stepped it up with the graphics and attention to detail in this title.
However, the selling point of Portal 2, much like the original is its unique gameplay and puzzle solving mechanism. The player is still equipped with a portal gun, that opens two portals the player can jump through; but also adds many other elements that help you along the way. From liquid goo that bounces you around like a yo-yo to those that boost your speed, Portal 2 comes loaded with new challenges and obstacles that take puzzle solving to the next level.
The story is short and crisp and should easily last a good and entertaining 6-8 hours. There is never dull point in the game, from sarcastic remarks by the two AI's to absurd humour and references to brutal dismemberment and a glorious death in the name of science.
However, the highlight of Portal 2 is not the single player, but the new crop multiplayer mode. Players play as robots created by aperture industries in hopes of succeeding where humanoid testing failed. The level nof puzzle solving takes a quantum leap from the single player but at no point does the game feel annoying and taxing. It actually pushes you to try to figure things out. The coop adds a great new dimension to the game and rounds up an already memorable experience. From beginning to end, Portal 2 has a great story, great gameplay, challenging puzzles and two very annoying yet unforgettable robots. I highly recommend this title to anyone who wants to just sit back and enjoy a game.
After all, how can you not want to die in the name of science.

Portal 2 Xbox 360


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